Successful text ads use meaningful creative to deliver the right message, at the right moments.

Here are some tips on how you can elevate your ad creative and improve performance.

Write purposeful copy, avoid generic language and make character limits work for you.

  • You have two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line, and two 15-character URL path fields to work with, so try and make the most of every word.
  • Your copy should show value to users. Think about your customers’ needs and write compelling copy that will give them a reason to visit your site.
  • The content and quality of your headline can often determine how well your ad will perform, so make it as enticing as possible. A longer headline will also increase the clickable space in your ad.
  • The description line is your opportunity to reveal something interesting about your business, so make sure it doesn’t read like a second headline.

Engage with the reader

  • Typical sales language and phrases such as “call us today” can create a false sense of urgency, which a lot of consumers won’t respond to. Think about how a customer will benefit from visiting your site, and use this to encourage them to take action.
  • Think of your business as the answer users are looking for, and avoid asking questions in your ads. We’ve found that copy with a question in the headline often underperforms, while ads that offer answers typically receive more attention.
  • Consider where your ad will be seen. If you have an offer or call to action that you feel will work particularly well on mobile, you can use it to speak directly to mobile users, and direct them to the pages of your website which deliver the best mobile-specific experience.

Set your ads up for success with ad extensions, keyword insertion and ad customisers.

  • Ad extensions make your ads more appealing, and can improve the experience for consumers depending on which device they’re using. There are a number of extensions to choose from, including location, call, and app install extensions, so try to enable the ones that make sense for your business.
  • If you’re maintaining a group of ads with a defined theme, then you should consider using keyword insertion. This AdWords feature dynamically updates your text ads to include one of your keywords when it matches a user’s search.
  • Ad customizers can help you catch a user’s eye by allowing you to tailor your ads to their search. For example, you can create a genuine sense of urgency with the countdown feature, or use a location customiser to let customers know that what they’re looking for is nearby.

Test and optimise your ad creative

A testing and optimization process will help you find out what’s performing, and what isn’t.

  • Testing will help you learn about your users’ preferences and improve your performance by honing ad text, especially headlines.
  • Consider focusing your testing on high-value campaigns. This will maximize your opportunity to evaluate new messaging and improve results.
  • Remember to evaluate your ad rotation settings. Optimizing your ads to clicks or conversions will help improve both your competitiveness and your bottom line.



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