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How To Create An Email Newsletter


If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an email newsletter, you know that these marketing messages can be flavourless I get it — when you’re not sure what to write, but you feel like an email has to go out, why not send an update about your products, new developments of services, and what’s going on at your company?

Regrettably, the result is often a whole lot of broad, non-germane content sent to a badly segmented list — and that results in low open/ clickthrough rates and many unsubscribes. That means in the best-case scenario, your reputation has taken a tumble in your subscribers’ eyes; worst-case scenario, your reputation is whacked irretrievably by Return Path and future email deliverability is negatively impacted.

But there are amazing email newsletters out there. So what separates the successes from the failures? And how do you make certain your email newsletter is triumphant? We’ll delve into these questions later in this article, but first, let’s clarify what an email newsletter is, and what it isn’t.

An email newsletter is a transmission from an organisation or individual that communicates announcements about products, services, industry, or general company information. It includes a mix of content, such as event reminders, surveys, educational information about your product, service, or industry, and promotions and other offers.

An email newsletter is not a dedicated promotional communiqué that contains information about a single offer; a precis that simply summarizes a roundup of content you’ve published; a lead nurturing email (although a knock-on effect surely may be a better-nurtured lead); or a transactional email that provides information regarding a recent order or prompts a shopper to finalise a purchase. These other types of emails are important parts of your email marketing strategy, and you can learn more about them in this and subsequent articles.

Whilst we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, let’s debate why you would send an email newsletter, and how it could help you hit your objectives.

Why Send Email Newsletters? Do I Even Need One?

Newsletters That Are Inspirational
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