Measuring Social Media Success

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Social Media Success

How do you do this?

If you are employing social media as a marketing tool, you should be measuring the results of your work. Although social media is often gratis, your time and endeavours are not. As a consequence, any social media program should calculate the value of its investment.

There are many areas to appraise that is more qualitative than quantitative, but here is a straightforward Social Media Measurement Matrix designed to accommodate side-by-side comparison of social media accounts as well as force overtime.

This matrix enables easy reporting from multiple sources and/or accounts for one company. This matrix is not all-embracing but can be expanded upon. Neither does it take into consideration the quality of engagement. This is only meant to be a simple tool to satisfy the numbers guys in your organisation and to track performance across platforms over time.

I hope this helps.

Download file: Social Media Measurement


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